Geelong Angels

Established in 2014 from a group of individuals with a passion for the region.

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As a member-based group, our investors are interested in supporting high growth potential, entrepreneurial Australian businesses.

Whether you are seeking investment or looking to become an investor, speak to our Liaison to find out more.

For entrepreneurs

Do you have a viable business proposition that requires $50,000 - $500,000 in funding, a dedicated and passionate team who can deliver and a clear plan for execution and can demonstrate traction to date We'd love to

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For investors

Do you have a passion to be involved in the exciting and challenging start-up phase of a business? Angel investing is high risk and involves both your cash and your time. Returns, if they come, take time but can be rewarding in many ways.

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We've worked with some amazing startups throughout the Geelong region.

Our Investors

Angel Groups are a collection of Angels who review and evaluate deals together but, the decision to invest is made individually. We are a group of business people, professionals and entrepreneurs who enjoy the personal and financial reward of applying our money, our time, our skills and our networks to high growth businesses.

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