Why you became a Geelong Angels member?

One of the great things about my practice and community involvement is that I get to meet business people and their families and learn about their journeys in business, including how they established and grew their business. Dealing with such people on a day-to-day basis and learning about their entrepreneurship and innovation made it a natural progression as a lawyer and businessperson to want to encourage new businesses and in particular businesses interested in innovation. That led me to be involved from the outset in what has become the Geelong Angels.

What you are interested in as an investor?

My primary focus in considering investments is an analysis of the need for the idea, although a very persuasive element to me is my analysis of the people whose business I am looking at investing in.

Your success story

am a principal at Mast Lawyers, and practice solely in the areas of business and commercial law. I am also Chair of the Committee for Geelong and the Barwon Health Foundation. I hold a range of board appointments with businesses in sectors as diverse as agriculture, retail, transport and media.