Why you became a Geelong Angels member?

I joined to be able to support entrepreneurs and great ideas and to work within a small group of Geelong business leaders assessing opportunities.

What you are interested in as an investor?

I am interested in backing good ideas and energy.  The main decision criteria around investment for me is about riding the macro trend with the specific opportunity and then the go/no go decision is around the capacity and drive of the main person leading the organization.

Your success story

I have had a varied business career. My career commenced initially working in larger and more established organisations with household brands to manage and work with. I moved from finance/business into more sales and marketing leadership roles in sports and events. In my late 30’s I commenced in my own business in the commercial property space and have led a team delivering property projects for government, medical and social service clients. As an additional business interest I also own and operate a number of medical businesses employing 250 people that are more of a B2C focus.